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Dorothy "Miss Blues" Ellis' book Hoecakes and Collard Greens

Cover of book

This book is a “Down Home Treasure” with over 600 recipes with enhanced down home tales. After 50 years Hoecakes and Collard Greens became an armchair cookbook with a kaleidoscopic mixture of various Doin’s gathered along the “Road” from Direct, Texas.

Hoecakes and Collard Greens contains: a sampler of Jokes, Sper’chels (spirituals), Numbers, Dreams, Workouts, old photographs, classic gems, the Juneteenth celebration, Superstitions, Pleasures of the Spread, Jackleg Preacher, Hoover’s Chicken and Makin’ Do.

Research for Hoecakes and Collard Greens began in 1943 by obtaining answers to the following questions from sages (elders), ages 65 plus:
1. What was the typical meal your Mama served? Do you know the recipe?
2. How did you make a living?
3. What helped you over the “rough spot” in your life?
4. What is in your junk drawer or secret hiding place that you saved?

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